Frequently Asked Questions
Where do you get your statistics?
We contact millions of current and alumni students around the country to get direct feedback from the people who are active in that school's community. Our analysts then take the collected data and compile comparison sheets for thousands of schools. We are able to get accurate information as well as detailed comparisons that are used to make reports and ratings on schools.
How often do you update your statistics?
Statistics are updated whenever we receive enough information to make a new report. Since we want to provide the most up to date records, we've adopted more accurate and aggressive research methods that allow us to update our statistics on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis.
How often do you publish reports?
The official EDU Research Group reports are released to higher education institutions once every quarter. We also work directly with post secondary educational facilities, both public and private, to provide real time feedback from their students.
How can I get more information on a school?
The only information that we release publicly can be found here at If the school you require more information about is currently a partner of EDU Research Group, you may contact the school to request more specific information.
Why isn't my school on the list?
If your school is not found on the list, it is because we currently do not have enough information about your school to publish a report. Once we have received adequate feedback from you and your fellow students we will be able to compile a comparison sheet, and publish a report on your school.
My School is low on the list. How can I help raise its score?
You can increase your schools rating by simply providing your feedback through the questionnaire. You may also encourage your classmates, or fellow alumni to participate. The more feedback we get the faster we are able to produce an updated report.