MissionWant to know more?
EDU Research Group has a mission:
The mission of EDU Research Group is to advance the quality of education by conducting research that assists the establishments in creating an improved academic environment, and help to match students with their optimum school.

We provide feedback to you directly from the people who have been there. We get criticisms, opinions and praise from the people who have been through the programs, walked through the campuses and eaten at the cafeterias. We then compile this information into easy to follow ratings and statistics that you can use to determine your best educational establishment.

We think everyone should get a great education:

Using the information we gather, we work with higher education establishments to improve their programs, facilities, faculty, and courses. Because we gather such targeted and relevant information, we are able to assist schools in increasing the overall satisfaction of their students, while creating a more effective curriculum.

When evaluating a school we focus on the following attributes:
  • Quality of overall curriculum
  • Quality of faculty
  • Quality of facility
  • Quality of post graduate preparation
  • Quality of campus life
  • Quality of sportsmanship / school spirit